A curious man that dances
with fear, laughs at his own
jokes and works hard!”


After spending eight years as a professional footballer, including for Premier League clubs such as West Ham United and Charlton Athletic FC. I then took to life on screen, taking part in films, programmes and commercials across the globe that consisted of featuring for brands such as Nike, Coca Cola and Walkers Crisps. Body doubling for a host of stars that include Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and John Abrahams, my Sports Modelling/Acting career came to an end after playing Durant Thomas on Sky One’s Dream Team.

In 2006, I founded The Vivo Team LTD, an organization that delivers teacher training, behaviour therapy and PE lessons in schools. Furthering my studies and wanting to further spread my wings into other areas, I developed a Human Performance Program. A program that improves the performance of human beings everywhere, no matter what uniform, kit or suit they wore. Starting off with soft skills and then the development of specialist programs, I found myself in different countries delivering human performance programs in a variety of spaces. Including writing for the British Council’s international education magazine and partnering with them on international projects, to delivering Conflict Resolution in Wandsworth Prison and my Soccology program across all Premier League football clubs. The success of the Soccology program led to Soccology the book, which went on to be a best seller!

Over the years I have known Kevin, he has used his experiences as a professional football player to challenge traditional practices and views for the betterment of the people he works with. Kevin is an excellent role model and has a clear affinity with those he works with encouraging them to take control of their own lives to make the best of life’s opportunities."

- Martyn Heather, Head of Education at the Premier League

I now spend my time delivering specialised therapy and Soccology programs across the world. Each chapter within the Soccology book is a representation of the life we live in every arena and I take great joy in my attempt to leave the world in a better place than I found it through the delivery of my programs.

Thank you for visiting my site, warm regards