An unfortunate past,
can lead to a
fortunate future.”


An intervention to empower inmates and ex-offenders to make
improved decisions.

  • Do your staff struggle to manage behaviour?
  • Would your prison benefit from helping inmates to control their aggression, manage conflict and empathise with others?
  • Need someone to help inmates manage the stresses of recall, life on the inside and life on the outside?

More than 1 in 4 criminals reoffended within a year (500,000 offences).
280,000 offences were committed by people with 11 or more previous offences, while more than 50,000 of these were committed by nearly 11,000 people who had previously been jailed at least 11 times.

(Research by the Ministry of Justice – MoJ)
This program has a person-centred approach, tackling the issues your staff face within the prison. Working closely with the inmates, this program encourages participants to explore their feelings, reflect on real life situations and dilemmas, and make better

Kevin’s Emotional Literacy Programme in Wandsworth Prison received a record-breaking 98% attendance with a 100% success rate of positive behaviour change, with each attendee having carried out at least one action of positive change they have never done before or had previously refused to do.”

– Justin Finlayson, Senior Partner, Cells Pitch

Participants will be taken through debates, activities and processed that develop consequential thinking, exercise empathy and lead them to challenge their self-sabotaging views.

I use a number of techniques to achieve great results, using my professional qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. In addition is my experience of working with vulnerable people since 2006, from mainstream and alternative provision schools to prisons.

Kevin George motivates and inspires Street League participants; he’s natural ability to connect and impart his knowledge makes The Vivo Team one of the first ports of call when we are looking for inspirational people to rally some of the hardest-to-reach people.”

– Jim Harper, Street League

This program is most effective in a two-pronged method, where staff are equipped with the tools needed to effectively
manage challenging situations once the program has ended. This can be carried out as a professional development
day or twilight sessions.

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Kevin George is a Human Performance Consultant that provides therapy within various arenas