Football is game that has the power to positively change how people view themselves,
the world around them and their behaviour.”


Soccology is a service that uses the power of football to develop human performance within personal and professional spaces. Soccology has been delivered in schools, colleges, universities, prisons, corporations and professional football clubs. Sessions are delivered in the form of a keynote, classroom based presentation, football session and art class.

Soccology programs cover the following -

  • Leadership
  • Emotions Literacy (covers SMSC and Pupil Premium)
  • Mental Health
  • British Values
  • Literacy
  • Social and Relational Bullying (banter)
  • Unconscious Competence
  • Off-Field Decision Making

Kevin delivered Soccology to our players. It was the first time we had run workshops like this but he was the perfect choice of presenter to run the sessions. The boys were fully engaged and staff commented afterwards that we should run more programmes like this for the players, which isn’t the reaction we always get.”

– Matt Henly Head of Education
Arsenal Football Club


The Leadership program covers mindful leadership, communication, rapport, team building from the front and more!

Corporate Leadership packages include delivery at Premier League stadiums and the England national training centre, St George’s Park.

Emotional Literacy

Developing emotional awareness, participants will learn how to skilfully manage emotions to enhance personal power! By identifying feelings, exercising empathy, improving the management of feelings, repairing emotional damage and constructing emotional interactivity, improving conflict resolution, creating richer relationships thus life flourishing. This segment also covers Attachment Theory.

Including a specific tailored one to one program for young adults at risk/affiliation to gangs.

Mental Health

This segment includes both wellness and mental illness, the lives participants are currently leading and strategies to taking advantage of their life of choice. Topics cover state, limiting beliefs, happiness, anxiety, anger, alignment and more!

British Values

Taking a disassociated view of their moral compass, participants will acquire a greater understanding and respect for people from other races, religions and cultures. Sessions will look at democracy on glocal scales.


I use football as a vehicle to encourage reading, via my best selling book Soccology and revealing the role reading has in their role models achieving greatness, and what doors reading can open in the future.

Social and Relational Bullying (Banter)

I expose the subjective distance of when things “go too far”, create awareness of the benefits of banter, how they can affect people negatively and how mindfulness plays a key role when participating in banter.

Unconscious Competence

Identifying the level of competence participants are at and devising a program to progress through the stages of the hierarchy of competence, where applicable.

Off-Field Decision Making

This program is professional football clubs only. A program that gives players a model to use when making personal and career based decisions. From how to assess clubs and agents before commitment and managing relationships with spouses and family.

For more information on how Soccology could tie into your objectives please email me via the contact page.

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Kevin George is a Human Performance Consultant that provides therapy within various arenas