Education is the process of giving or receiving information.
Every day is education.”


The ultimate behaviour intervention for schools

  • Do your staff struggle to manage behaviour?
  • Want to improve engagement?
  • Don’t know how to motivate students?
  • Need help in creating interventions?

In 2015-16, 6,685 pupils were permanently excluded from schools in England.

Three boys were permanently excluded for every girl.

Children in need of social services assessment more than doubled from 2010 to 2016 to over 170,000 children.

(Research by The Institute for Public Policy Research)

For various reasons, within schools there are dysfunctional relationships within the classrooms. People are bringing their ‘stuff’ and the environment creates ‘stuff’. The behaviour intervention program uses emotional literacy as a way to support students and train staff, to improve the relationship with themselves and others. Once the students become mindful of their behaviours, staff become mindful of students and engage them, behaviour and academic outcomes improve.

Ofsted rated Kevin’s work as outstanding and Kevin himself as a great
role model.”

– Sarah Ellis, Deputy Head of Adamsrill School

This program has a pupil-centred approach, tackling the issues your staff face within the classroom. Working closely with the pupils, this program allows them to explore their feelings, reflect on real situations and dilemmas, and make better choices in the way they communicate with staff and their peers. Student programs are carried out as workshop days, 10 week programs and yearly programs as a partnership with the school.

A two-pronged method is most effective, where staff are equipped with the tools needed to create engaging lessons, build rapport with students and effectively manage challenging situations once the program has ended. This can be carried out as full INSET days or twilight sessions.

Kevin George of The Vivo Team has provided quality enrichment activities at St Margaret’s for the past ten years. Good behaviour and attitudes are promoted through Kevin’s consistent expectations, calm disposition and positive behaviour strategies. He makes learning enjoyable and builds self-esteem and confidence by adjusting activities to meet the learning abilities of the young people.
Kevin establishes an excellent rapport with pupils and staff alike. He promotes a sense of enjoyment, fair play and mutual respect amongst the children alongside a desire to improve their skills and to do their best.”

– Jeremy Lunon, Head Teacher of St Margaret’s School

Staff Development

  • Communication & Rapport skills (Intercultural Fluency)
  • Creating Curiosity
  • Behaviour Management Techniques
  • Personalized Teaching and Interdisciplinary Strategies
  • Stress Management
  • Staff Well-Doing to Well-Being

Student Development

The Student Development meets the criteria of SMSC, PSHE, PSD, British Values, Citizenship and Pupil Premium.

  • Communication and Rapport Skills
  • British Values
  • Ambitions
  • Self-Esteem
  • Mutual Respect
  • Rule of Law
  • Liberty
  • Mental Health
  • Gangs, Knife and Gun Intervention
  • Social & Relational Bullying
  • Consequential Thinking
  • Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

Education plays a key role in the direction in which students travel throughout life. Every school has their unique way of how they direct students and every student is unique. To appreciate the uniqueness of every enquiry, a specialised plan will be mapped out to achieve your desired outcomes.

About & Social

Kevin George is a Human Performance Consultant that provides therapy within various arenas