10 week school program: Your Inner World Cup (Emotional literacy through football)


There are two Football with Feeling programs, there’s a 1 day program and a  10 week programme.  Both use football as a vehicle to develop emotional literacy and British Values.

For a timetable of the  programs, please see below.



The  1 day program will consist of elements from the below. The 10 week program has been planned out below however, we tailor Football with Feeling towards the clients needs.

Week 1 – Introduction of program/Who am I?

Week 2 + 3 – Street Culture and Knife Crime

Week 4 – Conflict Resolution and Empathy

Week 5 – Consequential Thinking/Liberty

Week 6 – Debate

Week 7 – Limiting Beliefs/Raising Aspirations

Week 8 – Communication and Rapport

Week 9 – Goals, My Dreams

Week 10 – New path, New Journey, New Life

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